Final Program

8:30 a.m.: Registration Opens
9:00 a.m.: Conference Sessions
5 p.m.: Networking Reception


Room A: Main Stage

9 – 9:10 a.m.
Opening Remarks
Guy Finley, Executive Director, 2nd Screen Society/MESA

9:10 – 9:15 a.m
Welcome Remarks
Vivek Khemka, Senior Vice President, Product Management, DISH

9:15 – 9:45 a.m.
MORNING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Inventing the Future of 2nd Screen
A famed, forward thinking progosticator kicks off the Summit and sets the stage for the days conversations and activities by discussing 2nd Screen’s impact on traditional TV revenue models and what changes might lie ahead of the industry.
Robert Tercek, Chairman, Creative Visions

9:45 – 10 a.m.
Technology Spotlight: DISH
Vivek Khemka, Senior Vice President, Product Management, DISH

10 – 10:45 a.m.

Brand Strategies for 2nd Screen
Coke launched the Polar Bear experience in Super Bowl 46, Capitol One “owned” every pre-roll for the March Madness 2013 2nd Screen experience and Verizon rocked “The Voice”. How are brands capitalizing on the increased brand engagement opportunity that 2nd Screen presents?
Moderator: Jeff Baumgartner, Technology Editor, Multichannel News
David Cohn, Vice President, Music and Media Partnerships, Shazam
George Hammer, Vice President Group Director of Digital Strategy, Digitas
Christie Hartbarger, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Field Marketing, YuMe
Jeremy Lockhorn, Vice President, Emerging Media, Razorfish

2nd Screen Strategy Basics
What works and what doesn’t so far for major brands and young start-ups alike as more than 300 apps compete for consumer attention.
Guy Finley, Executive Director, 2nd Screen Society/MESA

Selling the 2nd Screen Experience at Retail
Studies show that social engagement drives increased brand engagement and gets consumers further engaged in viewing–but do we need an app beyond Twitter?
Moderator: Greg Tarr, Executive Editor, TWICE
Ben Arnold, Director, Industry Analysis, NPD Group
Shawn Dubravac, Chief Economist and Director of Research, Consumer Electronics Association
Jeannette Howe, Executive Director, Specialty Electronics Nationwide
Brian Siegel, Vice President, Direct Operations, Sony Electronics
Shane Higby, Director of TV Marketing, Samsung Electronics

10:45 – 11:15 a.m.

11:15 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Creating Converged Experiences
How are content holders, app developers and device makers addressing the need for consumers to have a companion experience in the living and a viewing experience on the go once they walk out. Is the phone your remote of the future? The pervasiveness of mobile devices has led to near constant media consumption and sharing of media by consumers. And increasingly interconnected technologies make sharing and switching among screens – even simultaneous “second screen” usage – more commonplace. How will this technological convergence impact 2nd screen experiences?
Moderator: Chuck Parker, Chairman, 2nd Screen Society
David Kaplan, Vice President, Bravo Media Research, NBCUniversal
David Scatterday, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile, DG
Rob Sadler, Product Manager, DISH
DP Venkatesh, Chief Executive Officer, mPortal

Room B
2nd Screen By the Numbers
Discussing the trends with the current facts in the market place that help us gauge if we are headed towards a $6B marketplace or a $6M niche.
Justin Bailey, Director, Industry Analysis, Entertainment, The NPD Group
Renaud Fuchs, Director, Digital Transformation, Alvarez and Marsal

Smart TV’s: Use and Differentiation
This panel focuses on sales of smart TVs to date, purchase drivers and obstacles, the integrated vs 2- or 3- piece approach using STBs and mobile phones linked to big screens via new wired and wireless standards, improving/personalizing the user experience through the interface and control systems, content offerings with a debate on the effectiveness of manufacturer/service exclusives and what some of those may be, how retailers should start tying in with smart TV apps to sell/market their business and product lines.
Moderator: Greg Tarr, Executive Editor, TWICE
Ben Arnold, Director, Industry Analysis, NPD Group
Tom Campbell, Corporate Director and Spokesman,Video & Audio Center
Jeannette Howe, Executive Director, Specialty Electronics Nationwide
Robert Zohn, President, Value Electronics

12 – 12:45 p.m.

Award Shows: Use and Impact of Social TV and the 2nd Screen
Companion tablet viewing and social media have become a permanent fixture in the world of award shows. Learn how networks, brands and artists are embracing 2nd Screen and Social TV interactivity so successfully; what work really goes into planning and executing events at this scale in real-time; and what trends, platforms, apps and features are on these industry experts’ minds.
Moderator: Paul Farkas, Chief Executive Officer, Social.TV
David Beck, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Social Media, Univision
Mark Ghuneim, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Trendrr
Katie Morse, Social Marketing Manager, Billboard
Shelly Palmer, Marketing and Technology Consultant
Mike Treff, Managing Partner, Product Design Group, Code and Theory

2nd Screen Monetization and Metrics
What’s moving the needle and what should we be measuring? What strategies are the big branded apps chasing? How will the start-ups differentiate enough and distribute fast enough to survive? M-commerce? Contextual or interactive advertising? Classic converged video ads? Increased subscription revenue? Learn about what ad agencies and their brands are looking for, how they will measure it and ultimately make money from their strategies in an age where every consumer carries a Nielsen box in their pocket.
Meghann Elrhoul, Vice President, Client Service and Analytics, Trendrr
Chuck Parker, Chairman, 2nd Screen Society

Device Access: ACR, DIAL, and the Living room.
How can app developers, CE manufacturers and PAY TV operators create engaging apps that reach that holy grail for the consumer: Enhancing the viewing experience with synchronization and controlling the TV itself.
Moderator: Mark Donnigan, General Manger, Dune HD, Americas
Alex Holub, Co Founder, Vidora
Mark Lee, Senior Manager, Business Development, Smart TV, LG Electronics
Stefan Maris, Media Interaction and ACR Solution Specialist, Civolution
Ashwin Navin, Chairman, Co-Founder, & Chief Executive Officer, Flingo

12:45 – 2:15 p.m.

2:15 – 3 p.m.

Show Me the Money: Transforming 2nd Screen Consumer Engagement into Revenue
As second screen experiences proliferate and become mainstream, someone is going to have to improved user experience and additional enhanced content. Where’s the ROI for programmers and brands that choose to pioneer this new consumer experience. Will this space be owned by m-commerce, incremental subscription revenues, increased ad inventory, or higher CPMs? What about CPCs? What about interactive or even contextual advertising? Come listen to the experts in this exploding space discuss their divergent views on what approaches are winning and losing.
Moderator: Guy Finley, Executive Director, 2nd Screen Society/MESA
Anil Jain, Senior Vice President, Business & Corporate Development, Unicorn Media
Sue Kaufman, Managing Director, GroupM
Tara Maitra, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Content and Media Sales, TiVo Inc.
Jesse Redniss, Senior Vice President, Digital, USA Network
Jonathan Ruff, Senior Director of Technology, Arris

The Evolution of Content for 2nd Screen
Social TV is a key component in today’s 2nd screen experience. In addition to this fundamental aspect of engagement, the industry is evolving to a more integrated experience that compliments their existing social strategies. Recently, a movie named “App” launched in the Netherlands and DirecTV offered “Rogue” and both of these had a powerful 2nd Screen component. This panel asks the important question: Where is all of this headed?
Moderator: Rick Howe, the iTV Doctor
Mick Darling, Chief Executive Officer, Tomorrowish
Chad DePue, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Inaka Networks
Stephanie Misar, Marketing Director, MHz Networks
Evan Silverman, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, A+E NETWORKS

EPGs, Discovery, Your Pay TV Provider and OTT
Your Pay TV provider makes apps that control the box very well while Netflix has great recommendations within their walled garden. How do you find something to watch in today’s world when you have multiple video service options in your house?
Moderator: Alan Wolk, Global Chief Analyst, Kit Digital
Mark Budash, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass
Jason Forbes, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Zeebox
Andy Liu, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BuddyTV

3 – 3:15 p.m.

Technology Spotlight: Unicorn Media
Prashanth Pappu, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Unicorn Media

Technology Spotlight: iPowow
Colin Hornett, Executive Producer, iPowow

Technology Spotlight: Second Screen in Europe – Have we crossed the Rubicon?
Jeroen Elfferich, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Ex Machina
Richard Kastelein, Managing Director, Expathos

3:15 – 4 p.m.

2nd Screen & Live Sports
Engaging the already over stimulated consumer to cement loyalty and increasing viewing. With March Madness and the Masters just barely in our rear view mirror and the baseball season well underway, come hear the experts discuss what kind of consumer feedback they are experiencing from 2nd Screen.
Moderator: TBD
Patty Hirsch, Vice President and General Manager, CBS Interactive Advanced Media
Christy King, Vice President Digital, Technology R&D, UFC
Scott Levine, Senior Vice President, Video Product, Univision Interactive

App Round-up
Hear from these 2nd Screen Start-ups tell you what they have experienced so far and where they are headed. A must see for the newest executives to this explosive industry.
ModeratorBrian Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Jefferies & Company
Fabrizio Capobianco, Chief Executive Officer,
Thomas Engdahl, President and Chief Executive Officer, Magic Ruby
Alex Holub, Co Founder, Vidora
DP Venkatesh, Chief Executive Officer, mPortal

4 – 4:30 p.m.

4:30 – 5 p.m.
In this Keynote conversation Youngwood will explain the network’s 2nd screen strategy around engaging a younger and family-based audience for increased participation in their unique programming. Other highlights include leveraging both their brand and consumers to create new opportunities for programming, engagement and monetization.
Stephen Youngwood, Executive Vice President and General Manager Digital, Nickelodeon

5 p.m.
Closing Remarks

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