2nd Screen Sunday at NAB 2013

The 2nd Screen Society (S3) and NAB have announced the launch of “Second Screen Sunday” at NAB, an in-depth, afternoon conference at the Encore Hotel on Sunday, April 7 in Las Vegas, NV. The event will discuss and showcase the latest business opportunities, creative case studies and technology innovations related to the creation of supplementary, synchronized and social TV content.

“Broadcast, sports and live entertainment are at the forefront of the second screen revolution,” says S3 executive director Guy Finley. “At our 2nd Screen Sunday event, creative and technology leaders in the second screen space will showcase how mainstream television is expanding the viewer experience to include complementary, and contextual, content to their personal devices and how it will forever change the way television and advertising are produced, delivered and experienced.”

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Conference Schedule

12:30 – 1 p.m. – Registration
1 – 6 p.m. – Conference Sessions and Technology Spotlights
6 – 7 p.m. – Networking Reception

Confirmed Speakers


Preliminary Conference Program

1 p.m. – Encore 2
Welcome Remarks
Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA/2nd Screen Society

1:05 – 1:30 p.m. – Encore 2
OPENING KEYNOTE Q&A: FOX NOW – Leveraging Content for Reach, Scale and Engagement
In February, Fox announced their syndication network to bring their second screen content to more consumers on more devices and to social TV apps from 3rd party developers. Hear first hand from both Fox and their partners on the consumer facing side as well as the companies providing a robust platform for creating and managing syndicated content. This Keynote Q&A presentation and panel discussion showcases the unique collaboration among service providers to make this ambitious offering a reality and gives users all access to behind-the-scenes and interactive content when synced up with their favorite TV shows.
Hardie Tankersley, Vice President Digital Platforms, Fox Broadcasting
Interviewed by: Seth Shapiro, Principal, New Amsterdam Media LLC

1:30 – 2 p.m. – Encore 2
FOX NOW Partners Panel Discussion
Moderator: Seth Shapiro, Principal, New Amsterdam Media LLC
Mick Darling, Chief Executive Officer and Founder,Tomorrowish
Stacy Jolna, Chief Marketing Officer, ConnecTV
David Jones, Vice President, Marketing, Shazam
Jeremy Toeman, Chief Executive Officer, Dijit
Zane Vella, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Watchwith

1:30 – 2 p.m. – Encore 1
Building a Successful 2nd Screen Strategy and Platform
What do networks, production companies and independent producers need to do to prepare their strategy for successful engagement with a consumer on the 2nd screen? What can service providers do to maximize ROI for their content holder customers? As content seeks to differentiate itself and leverage strengths in the existing marketplace, what is the right 2nd screen strategy? This insightful presentation offers a level-set to companies exploring the 2nd screen as a value add to their existing content offerings and navigates the 2nd Screen Ecosystem to highlight the important decisions that partners need to make to proliferate their brand, advertisers and content to an increasingly digital consumer.
Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA/2nd Screen Society
Rick Liebling, Creative Culturalist, Y&R

2 – 2:15 – Encore 1 & 2
Technology Spotlight Presentation – iPowow
Colin Hornett, Executive Producer, iPowow

2:15 – 3 p.m. – Encore 2
Show Me the Money: ROI for 2nd Screen Production
As second screen experiences proliferate and become a consumer benefit, someone is going to have to pay for the original programming on this extra slab of TV screen real estate. Where’s the ROI for programmers and brands that choose to pioneer this new consumer experience. What about e-commerce – has anyone proved that it can work on a 2nd screen? And live TV–who is bringing real-time engagement capability for live TV and sports? This session belongs to the sales, marketing and technology teams who will share what has worked, what will work and what won’t work.
Moderator: Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst, KIT digital
Todd Brown, Chief Executive Officer, ConsulCation Inc
Christy King, Vice President Digital, Technology R&D, UFC
Rick Liebling, Creative Culturist, Y&R
Jeff Minsky, Director, Emerging Media, OMD, Ignition Factory
Kelly Moulton, Vice President North America, Never.no
Jesse Redniss, Senior Vice President, Digital, USA Network

2:15 – 3 p.m. – Encore 1
What Does “Discovery” Really Mean?
Consumers are typically trying to solve a few different use cases in their homes each and every day as they are looking for recommendations on what to watch: 1) what should I watch RIGHT NOW (usually implying no incremental costs) vs. 2) show me something truly amazing (often implying the requirement to pay incrementally or to wait for a desired game or event to air). How are the industry’s best discovery tools tackling this complicated living room challenge?
Moderator: Chuck Parker, President, The Intersection
Eric Allen, Senior Vice President Gracenote Services/General Manager, Gravity Mobile
Eoin Dowling, Founder, Boxfish
Tracy Geist, Vice President of Business Development, Digitalsmiths
Jonathan McKinney, General Manager, Americas, KIT digital

3 – 3:15 – Encore 2
Technology Spotlight Presentation – KIT digital
Miles Weaver, Senior User Experience Architect, KIT digital
Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst, KIT digital

3 – 3:15 – Encore 1
Technology Spotlight Presentation – Tok Baseball by TOK.tv 

3:15 – 3:45 p.m.

3:45 – 4:30 p.m. – Encore 2
Driving Engagement: Companion vs. Convenience
While 2nd Screen companion experiences are a phenomena in the home, they are mostly used as a 1st screen viewing device outside the home. How do tablet and smartphone manufacturers manage this dual-purpose design in their ecosystem from TVs and tablets to mobile phones and gaming consoles? Is the 2nd screen experience about controlling the living room devices to find and serve up and even view content or is it about an enhancing the viewing experience and sharing with friends, leveraging the interactive and social capabilities of today’s tablets and smartphones? How will the 2nd and 1st screen experience converge as multi-screen and 2nd screen begin to be delivered from the same app?
Moderator: Jeremy Toeman, Chief Executive Officer, Dijit
Mark Budash, Senior Program Manager,Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass
Kanaan Jemili, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, CE Products, Rovi
Jim Welch, Worldwide Marketing and Communications, Motorola Medios+
Evan Young, Senior Director, Product Marketing, TiVo

3:45 – 4:30 p.m. – Encore 1
There’s an App for That…Or is There?
There have been many conference panels with executives explaining to the audience (and media present) that their consumers will never download hundreds of different apps for their viewing experiences, at least not with any scale, while at the same time arguing “one app to rule them all” is equally unappealing. As the cost to develop more engaging experiences increases, do networks and cable operators consolidate their brands or do they continue to focus on their content brands one app at a time? Do 3rd party apps lend themselves to a catalog-wide experience for consumers that is better than having to find one app at a time? As content seeks to differentiate itself and leverage strengths in the marketplace, what is the right second screen strategy? This panel discussion will discuss an industry conundrum: “special purpose” or “multi-function” apps.
Moderator: Marty Shindler, Chief Executive Officer, The Shindler Perspective
Tom Engdahl, Chief Executive Officer, Magic Ruby
Tracey Garvin, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Juan Reyes, Chief Technology Officer, BluFocus
Alex Terpstra, Chief Executive Officer, Civolution
D.P. Venkatesh, Chief Executive Officer, mPortal Inc

4:30 – 4:45 – Encore 2
Technology Spotlight: MLB at Bat
Joe Inzerillo, Senior Vice President, Multimedia & Distribution, MLB Advanced Media

4:30 – 4:45 – Encore 1
Technology Spotlight Presentation

4:45 – 5:30 p.m. – Encore 2
2nd Screen and Live Sports: Extra content, stats, camera angles and commerce
How are professional sports leagues along with their cable/broadcast network partners developing content and apps to reach viewers everywhere through live or delayed game broadcasts, news, stats and services for fantasy leagues and social networks.? What role does ACR provide in making the experience uniform and engaging for consumers across the country as well as providing additional opportunities through venues, merchandise and sponsorship deals to monetize the investment in their brands? A panel of thought leaders from sports and TV will discuss both the challenges and prospects they are experiencing.
Moderator:Andy Batkin, Chief Executive Officer, Social TV Summit
Fabrizio Capobianco, Chief Executive Officer, TOK.tv
Carlos Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, Kwarter
Gavin Douglas, Chief Creative Officer, iPowow
Joe Inzerillo, Senior Vice President, Multimedia & Distribution, MLB Advanced Media
Tyler Slocum, Director of Mobile Product Management, NFL

4:45 – 5:15 p.m. – Encore 1
2nd Screen: By the Numbers
We know that consumers are watching their big screens with a small screen by their side, providing instant access to information (and multi-tasking diversion). Tablet and smartphone ownership in the US is exploding, which means more opportunity for the companion screen viewing experience. How does all the data add up and what does it mean for broadcast TV and sports? Hear the latest details on the emerging 2nd Screen industry with a specific focus on broadcast TV and sports.
Renaud Fuchs, Managing Director, PAGACO
Chuck Parker, Chairman, 2nd Screen Society and President, The Intersection

5:30 – 6 p.m. – Encore 2
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Super Bowl XLVII and the 2nd Screen – A CBS Interactive Case Study
An in-depth look at CBSSports.com’s development and deployment of their second screen and social TV experience for Super Bowl XLVII. The closing keynote presentation will reveal the in-depth planning process and the successes achieved for the second screen engagement experience around this year’s Super Bowl.
Jason Kint, Senior Vice President, General Manager, CBS Interactive’s Sports Division

6 p.m.
Closing Remarks – Encore 2
Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA/2nd Screen Society
Chuck Parker, Chairman, 2nd Screen Society and President, The Intersection

6 – 7:30 p.m.

Venue Information:

Encore Hotel and Casino
3131 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 770-7000


Guy Finley, Executive Director +1-917-513-5963 guy@MESAlliance.org
Chuck Parker, Chairman +1-818-237-7507 chuck@MESAlliance.org