Report: Sports Helps Push Second Screen Value

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By Chris Tribbey

Renaud Fuchs, director with the 2nd Screen Society, A&M and a former head of strategic marketing and VP of commercial development for Technicolor, looks at sports and the second screen, and sees nothing but opportunity.

“Second screen and sports really are a winning combination,” Renaud said. “Second screen sports give fans exactly what they want: More information on their sport, their team, their sportsman, more statistics, more content, for example – watching a goal from different angles.”

The sports-related second screen market is forecasted at $746 million for this year, (according to a new research report from the 2nd Screen Society), 22% of the overall second screen market expected for 2014.

Second screen sports revenues are expected to hit just over $2 billion by 2018, according to the report.

The overall market for 2nd screen Apps will be 8.9 billion.

According to the report, approximately half of all Tweets about TV in 2013 were about sporting events, and a dozen of the 20 most-Tweeted TV airings for the year were for sporting events. Twitter estimated there were more than 490 million sporting events Tweets in 2013.

Sports is big for second screen monetisation: Major League Baseball’s “At Bat” app has been the Apple App store’s No. 1 grossing sports app every year from 2009 to 2013, and last year it ranked No. 19 among every top-grossing app for the iPhone (hitting No. 37 for the iPad).

The report estimates the MLB app generated $120 million in revenue for 2013.

“Sports on the second screen has allowed fans to communicate with their teams directly, via Twitter [and other social media] … but there are different level of maturity with second screen apps [depending on the sport],” Renaud said. “Some sports have advanced used of second screen, baseball, and Formula 1 being examples. Most other sports have less sophisticated apps ”

Sports fans are extremely engaged with their teams, and the second screen is a ripe avenue to monetize that loyalty, Renaud explained.

He pointed to a second screen soccer experiment by beIN Sports in France, where instead of professional pundits, Tweets from fans — curated and posted on the main screen — were commenting the games.

“Advertising revenue is important for second screen apps,” Renaud said. “But for sports apps e-commerce is also increasing.”

Renaud added that paid-for sports apps (look at Major League Baseball charging $24.99 a month for its all-access app) are unique in the second screen space.

“In terms of main revenue streams, e-commerce and advertising are almost at par,” Chuck Parker, Chairman of the 2nd Screen Society, said. “This is clearly different from the overall second screen market, where advertising is very dominant. “

From the report: “In the sports-second screen market, the share of e-commerce grows from 35% to 45% from 2013 to 2018. This growth is driven by leading pay-for apps (such as MLB) and by the anticipation that more leagues will come to monetize the second screen through subscription models. The 2nd screen is still relatively new and not all sports or leagues have yet captured all the monetization opportunities it brings.”

“Second screen applications are a great tool to help sponsors, pay-TV operators and broadcasters achieve their goals,” Guy Finley, Executive Director of the 2nd Screen Society, said. “[Sports second screen apps] are a means to an end: they help make the sponsor visible or they help the viewer [enjoy] a great experience watching a game: this is the exact definition of indirect monetization.”

To purchase the report please click here – or contact Garrett Randall at

Click here for a .pdf preview of ‘Sports and the 2nd Screen: The Winning Combination’.

Be sure to follow 2nd Screen Society at the upcoming 2nd Screen Sports Summit for all the latest news and information.

One of the many conferences scheduled during CE Week, the 2nd Screen Sports Summit will be held June 24, 2014 in New York City at the Midtown Loft & Terrace.

Produced by SVG and the 2nd Screen Society, the half-day event will run between 1-5:30 pm with members of the Sports Video Group and the 2nd Screen Society
 joining together to discuss, debate and drive forward the real-world, 2nd screen findings.

Registration and more information about the event will be available next week at

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